The Transology Association
York Office for Transgender Affairs
also to be known as YOTA
32 North Queen Street, York, Pa
A Transology Association Sub Division

We are a Non Profit Group Dedicated to helping the Transgender Communities by Offering Free Education and Support Services to the Transgender Community and the General Public for York Pennsylvania and surrounding Areas and providing help and support to Homeless Transient people
Structure and Operation for
The Office of Transgender Affairs
and Homeless Transient Individuals

The Goal of this Association is to Support and Help Transgender Individuals and Homeless Transient Individuals that have lost their family, homes, jobs and Medical care due to no fault of their own except for being Transgensder, Lost of jobs, economy slow down, medical disabilities family crisis and sickness. This can be acomplished with the expereince and hard work of Transology staff under the Direction of Transology Association Board of Directors and reaching out to professionals in areas of the subject matters of our task.

Our goal is also to help Transgender Individuals, their families, friends and employers with support, discuss their issues and problems, supply a safe location for these people to meet and seek help when needed, provide education to their families and to the general public on Transgenderism and the problems that these people face on a daily basis.

The Transology Association is a Non Profit Asscoation that solely exist and depends on donations and Grants to supply the needed funds to help provide the needs of Homeless and Transient Transgender Individuals as well as  the Homeless Transient Indivcviduals that do not belong to theTransgender communities who also lost their homes, medical care and jobs due to no fault of their own.

Most cases of Transient homeless Individuals stems from lost of jobs, economy slow down, medical conditions and other disabilities that cause people to become homeless and Transsient. A background check will be done to qualify individuals and establish the reasons for becoming Homeless and Transient. If Homeless and Transient people caused their own homelessness due to lack of interest in providing for themselves and depending on others to live their life will disqualify those for assistence except for Job assistances and possibly shelter depending on weather conditions.

Transgender Individuals lose their homes, jobs and medical care due to their only being Transgender and misunderstood. When a Transgender individual comes out to those he loves and at work it usually ends up in those individuals being rejected from family, employers will usually find reasons to dismiss a Transsgender individuals that comes out to them because of lack of education for Transgenderism and employees complaining about having a Transgender person working with them. with no job and no family left these people usually end up pn the street tryong to survide life.

Some Medical providers usually do not accept Transgender indidvuals as new patients also due to lack of education and not knowing how to provide medical care to such individuals.

Many Transgender people who cannot deal with their life after being rejected sometimes commit suicide to get away from the torture, rejection from sociaety and family as well as the hunilitiy of name calling and depression that sets in with all the rejection.

Transology will focus on doing major research on any and all subject matter relating to all the sub communities and categories under The Transgender Umbrella. This will give Transology a much more rounded scope of information allowing for a much wider support system for the Transgender community both on a group level and individual support sessions.

Transology is always open to anyone who has suggestions and impute on the needs and operation of this group.

The Transology Association
Board of Directors
York, Pa

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