The Transology Association
The Study of Transgenderism
Offering Education and Support Services to
the Transgender Community and the General Public
for York Pennsylvania with a sub Division for helping
Homeless Transient Indidiuals  due to no fault of their own

Transology  is  a  Helping Hand and Support  Association for the York  County  Pennsylvania  Transgender Community.  We're concentrating  on  the  needs  of  those  Transgender  individuals  living  full  time  as  their  Brain  Gender trying to live a peacful and happy life and to help them fulfill their dream of being who they really are.  We  welcome  all others  to  come  join  us  and  we would be happy to provide  help, support  and  assistence  to  those  Transgender  individuals and their families as  well. Our office is set up to help and support the local Transgender Communities to live a more peaceful and happy life by trying to make York, Pa a more Transgender friendly City and County.

We  are  interested  in  helping  with  and  discussing  Transgender  Housing  and  Housing  Search,  Jobs  and  Job  Search,  Medical  Care,  Retirement,  Discrimination,  Helping  with  Family  and  Spouse  Support,  Support  with  your  Employer,  Transitioning,  Name  Change,  Birth Certificate  Name  Change,  Drivers  License  Gender  ID  and  much  more  for  those  living  Full and  Part  time  as  their  Brain  Gender.   We  will  also  provide  support  for  other  Transgender Communities  such  as  Crossdressing,  Bi  Gender  etc ...  but  our  main  focus  will  be  for  those living  full  and  part  time  as  who  they  really  are. 

Our  staff  consist  of  people  just  like  you  who  have  experienced   all  the  needs  of  living  full  time  and  have  successfully  full  filled  those  needs  in  life.  Now,  they  want  to  share  how  they  did  that  with  others  to  try  and  make  life  easier  for  them.  It  is  not  a  easy  road  to  travel  but  it  is  possible  to accomplish  the  goal  of  being  happy  and  living  as  who  you  really  are  in  life.

Transology  will  not  be  a  group  to  get  involved  in  the  Federal  or  State  levels  of  Politics  for  Transgender  Community  needs,  there  are   already   groups   taking   care  of  that  need.  However,  we  will  do  all  we  can  Politically  for  York  City  and  Local  York  County  Transgender  Communities.  One  of  our  staff  was  successful  in  meeting  with   the  York  Mayor  helping  get  the  Transgender  Non Discrimination  Ordinances  passed  for  York  City.  Our  focus  on  the  needs  for  the  local  Transgender  Community  are  important  to  us  due  to  the  fact  no  one  else  is  going  to  be  there  for  them  or  really  care. 

We  are  open  to  anyone  Transgender,  Their Families,  Friends,  Employers,  and  the  General Public  to  provide  Support  and  Transgender  Education.  We  are  here  to  help  those  who  need to  know  the  Issues  and  Problems  Transgender  Individuals  face  every  day  of  their  lives.  The  difficulty  trying  to  just  live  life  as  who  they  really  are.  We  are  here  to  provide  support  to Transgender  Individuals  to  help  their  Family,  Friends,  Employers  and  the  General  Public better  understand  their  Transgender  needs  and  try  to  explain  the  reason  they  are  Transgender.  We  Care  about our  Community  and  it's  Members.

Life  is precious  and  sometimes  you  only  have  one  chance  at  it.  We're  here  to  help  as  best  we  can.  Come  Visit  us  in  York  Pa.  We  are not holding meetings yet due to our office being under construction and setting up Programs and Services. We will start holding meetings in June, 2021 at our office located at 32 North Queen Street, 1st Floor Office, York, Pa., During our time of construction, if you like, you can stop by and say hello.

Contact  Information:

President / CEO ... Michael GreyFeather   ... 717-332-1247
E-Mail ...

Vice President ...... Ellen Davidson ............. 717--413-1275
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