The Transology Association
York Office for Transgender Affairs
also to be known as YOTA
32 North Queen Street, York, Pa
A Transology Association Sub Division

We are a Non Profit Group Dedicated to helping the Transgender Communities by Offering Free Education and Support Services to the Transgender Community and the General Public for York Pennsylvania and surrounding Areas and providing help and support to Homeless Transient people
Transgender Homeless  and Homeless Transient Programs and Services
Homeless Services
Shelter or Housing

1.  Provide a search for Shelter in the area of the Homeless person and or family.

     A.  Search for Shelter or Housing in the area of the Homeless Individual and or family and
          provide transportation to the shelter location

B.  If the Homeless Individual or family has no funds to pay for shelter or housing The Office for Homeless
          Services will provide the funds to pay for the shelter for a period of 1 week to 1 month depending on

C.  Do a search for families or Individuals willing to take in the Homeless Individual or family for a  
          short period based on the time frame of that family or individual. Provide funds to that family or individual
          for their services for the homeless individual and or Family .

D.  Create a file History on the Individual or Family and record services provided to said individual or family
Food Services
1.  Provide Emergency services or funding for food and water

A.  The Office for Transgender Affairs and Homeless Services will conduct a search for soup kitchens 
          available in the area of the Homeless Individual or family and refer them to that location and or provide 
          transportation to the soup kitchen location

    B.  Provide food coupons from the different Restaurants and food services to the Homeless Individual or 
         Family from the Food services or Resturants participating in Food for the Homeless program.

C.  If a Homeless Individual or Family do not qualify for the food for Homeless program the Office for
          Transgender Affairs and Homeless Services will help pay for 7 meals in a one week time span ...

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Medical Assistence for Homeless Transient Individuals
and Homelless Transgender individuals and or Families

1.  In the process of creating programs for this service

Meeting  with Well Span, UPMC Memorial, Family First Health Services and other medical groups or practices to discuss a medical service or program for Transgender Individuals or or the community

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Please feel free to sign our guest book and leave comments and or suggestions to help us make these services better and or suggest new programs that may help this section of our Office provide more needed services